Applied Linguistics Papers 27/ 2 (2023)


Editors preface


Not Using Standard Phraseology: Misunderstandings and Delays
Dominique ESTIVAL, Malila PRADO, Noriko ISHIHARA 4–28 [PDF]

Research on Aviation English from a LHUFT (Language as a Human Factor) Perspective
Aline PACHECO, Nicolas Colliselli HEMP 29–40 [PDF]

Institutional Glossaries: Threshold between Normative and Descriptive Approaches
Rafaela Araújo Jordão Rigaud PEIXOTO, 41–54 [PDF]

Collaborative Development: How Linguists and Aviation SMEs can Best Serve the Aviation Language Community
Anna P. BOROWSKA, Tom SIMON 55–61 [PDF]

Global or Local Errors? Cross-language Influence in Aeronautical Communication
Juliana SANTANA, 63–71 [PDF]

The Role of Serious Games in Effective Aviation English
Nazmi DİNÇER, 72–82 [PDF]